Monday, 28 April 2014

Tangle Angel - Professional Detangling Brush

Okay, to start. Yes, I'm reviewing a hair brush. Must I share this? Absolutely.

For the past couple of months now my hair brush began to lose the beads at the end of each brush, and we all know how annoying it is to look for them under the sink and irritating it could be on your scalp! So I decided to look for a cute durable brush when I came across this on Not only was I completely captivated by the pretty wings, the video and comments I read on it sounded very imressive, so I ended up purchasing the silver Limited Edition brush about $23.50AUD (also available in pink, black and blue and can come in kids sizes!). I wouldn't usually happily spend that much on a normal brush but this one looked beautiful and promising so I had to try it, of course there were some better ones out there but if it pleases my eye, I'm happy.

So right now it stands nicely in my bathroom (like the above picture), it feels quite light and can be easily held around the wings if you require more control. Personally I found the handle a little too short for my hands (which are bigger than most girls I know anyways) but wasn't that big of a deal.

I'm unsure if it's antimicrobial because my hair is clean when I brush it anyways, but it's definitely anti static and heat resistant♥

The bristles aren't thin and pointy and glides through my hair a lot smoother than any brush I've used.

After using it for a couple of weeks now I'd like to rate it a 
I REALLY love it because I've noticed much less hair loss when brushing using this and it untangles any knot gently. Because it doesn't pull as well it makes a great wig hair brush, I just quickly run this through my cosplay wigs and they look smooth and great! The only problem was that I had to brush it through my hair a few times more since the bristles were a bit short and so it covers less amount of hair than the longer bristle brushes. This doesn't make me love it any less though cause my boyfriend is now more happy to brush my hair knowing that this won't pull and hurt me. It is beautiful and practical ♥

Saturday, 26 April 2014

K Project Neko Cosplay

I've been working on a couple of cosplay pics lately, I'm a bit new with editing but hope you like it ♥

Saturday, 19 April 2014

Contact Lenses - Vasen/i.fairy Super Crystal Lenses

i.fairy Super Crystal Lenses

Just wanted to share with you the contact lenses I used for my cosplay. It's super comfy and lasts me about 6-8 hours wear time if I use eye drops every hour or so (I always use eye drops for any of my lenses as I'm usually in very dry environments or sitting in front of an aircon).
I really love these lenses as the lenses sit very naturally on my eyes (they don't bulge) and the colour stood out just right for my cosplay. I bought them from
which have really great deals and gifts when you buy more than 1 pair, you also get free shipping above purchases over $50. I can't recommend anyone more to check out this website, since before I buy anything online I usually do my research on price/shipping/deals/reliability/etc. so these guys have been checked, tested and approved by me! The only major problem is that for some reason my package arrived really late, so I recommend getting them about 1.5 months before you need them. I know it's a long time but it's definitely worth the wait.

Here are the details:
♥Origin: Korea
♥Diameter : 16.2mm
♥Water Content : 55%
♥Base Curve : 8.6mm
♥Life Span : 1 year disposal
♥Price : USD$21.90

Window Lighting


Selfie with Natural Lighting ♥

Friday, 18 April 2014

How to Prepare for a Cosplay/Strong Make Up with Face Masks - Holika

I really struggle to have make up on for long periods of time since I have combination skin. This means that when I put on my BB Cream/foundation/tinted anything for the day I have to make sure my skin is the right tone and texture and whatever I am applying has the right combination of ingredients, if not I can end up with either skin that is too oily or flaky during the day. Most combination skin type foundations that I've tried end up being quite drying so I generally need to keep my skin fresh and moisturized as a first step which I usually achieved through simply using face masks.

By the end of the week my skin usually gets quite dull so I picked the Rosy Peach Tea mask sheet to give my skin nutrients towards a more healthier and clearer complexion. I used this the night before the cosplay but make sure before you apply any face masks make sure you wash your skin then apply toner first to get your skin ready.
I really liked this one specifically because it smells absolutely divine \(♥0♥)/ and it actually leaves your skin with a lovely healthy glow for a few days.

Cosplaying usually takes me quite a long time to get ready for so I absolutely love how this mask is so fast and effective in getting my skin ready. Holika holika had created this to use before a long, busy, stressful days and I realised that at the end of any day that I start with this my skin is perfectly healthy even after removing all the make up and dirt off of my face so I always use this on the start of the cosplaying day. And because it was designed for a start of a busy day the time it requires for the ingredients to be effective on your skin is only 5-10 minutes which you can fit in right after you brush your teeth, whilst you are doing your hair or eat breakfast.

This Aqua Max Ultra Moisture mask sheet is what I use after removing my make up, especially when it's been a long day. It's very cooling on your skin and leaves it feeling fresh and translucent. So why is Jung Il Woo on the cover of this face mask? Apparently these Korean celebs had skin problems after each day of heavy make up for filming/modelling etc so they would use this as a part of their skin routine. It sounds like the guy was just trying to sell me it right? To be honest he gave me this to try out knowing that I was leaving to a country that didn't have a Holika Holika, the staff were just crazy nice and seemed like they genuinely cared about your skin ♥

Usually the masks that I've chosen so far is quite enough for my skin to feel healthy but in case I wasn't happy at some point on the weekend I'd add this to one of the 'after' days as I believe black tea as a good amount of vitamins as well as caffeine to make your skin much more fresh. I also found that Holika Holika masks are still quite moist after the recommended time is reached so I like to keep it on much longer to make the most of each one but ensure that I remove it before it dries. I've been including each of the backs of the masks so you can see the extracts and directions for each one.
I definitely recommend you try them if you can get your hands on some! 

Saturday, 12 April 2014

Cosplay - League of Legends Cottontail Teemo

Cottontail Teemo Comicon 2014

This is my second cosplay but first one that I've made (with the help of mum of course). It showed my mid-section and legs so to do my costume justice I had begun to hit the gym and put myself on an extensive diet. No I didn't starve myself or anything stupid, just lots of veggies, fruits, mushrooms, meats and no bread, no rice, no pasta and no fat. My tummy was still not as I'd like it to be but I guess I only had a month to work with. Needless to say cosplaying has gotten me into following a healthy lifestyle. I exercise for a better body, sleep well for nicer skin and eat well for both skin and body, I guess things just hit you when you've found something you like. That's my story behind this coplay I hope you like the pictures (we didn't get to take many but hopefully we can get more during my uni break :3)

Along came a random Ashe! *blind dart*

Looking for places to plant my eggs (i.e. anywhere)

Me in the original cottontail Teemo background ^^

Thursday, 10 April 2014

Etude House - Vitamin Complex Face Mask

I bought ALOT of face masks on my trip because they all looked so cute, promising and they were all relatively cheap! So when I saw these I knew I had to try some. These were the 7 that I grabbed from Etude House and because of my recent diet change and restrictions I'm going to try Vitamin Complex first to boost the nutrients my skin may need ^^ By now I've tried a few face masks now and what you want is:
1. It fits around your face well because chances are you're gonna have that one your face for about 5minute to maybe an hour.
2. It is still moist for the full duration that the instructions tell you to keep it on. Face masks are meant to be moisturising and if it has no moisture in it then how is your skin going to absorb any?
3. It does not itch/irritate/make skin feel tightened, itching and irritation is self explanatory and you should wash it off immediately if this happens because it's most likely an allergic reaction.Since I'm after a moisturising face mask it should not tighten your skin, which can also indicate dryness, moisturise as soon as you remove the mask if this happens.
4. Hopefully it smells pleasant or not smell like anything at all because the mask will be right under your nose so pick something you don't mind smelling.

Etude House Vitamin Complex Face Mask

After cleaning and toning your skin remove the mask from its packaging by tearing at the slit on the top sides (make sure you hands are clean).

Gently unfold the mask (this picture looks scary D:)

Place on face to fit your contours and smooth out as many of the air bubbles as you can. You can squeeze out any remaining liquid and spread onto your mask so it lasts longer :3

Leave on for about 15-20mins. When removing pat any remaining residue liquid to absorb.

Now, what did I think of it?


I didn't really like this mask because it felt kind of dry compared to some others that I've tried and the liquid is more liquidy than gel-like. It ended up only staying moist for about 15 minutes but my skin did feel slightly more moisturised and soft. It did smell quite nice and the packaging is very cute and colourful so there's a couple of pluses but in terms of goodness for my skin it just wasn't for me.

Saturday, 5 April 2014

Etude House - skin [mal:gem]_fresh toner

Ever since I've started using toner I've never not owned one after realizing how important it can be for regular make-up users. It really clears the dirt and small amounts of make-up as well as prepare your skin for treatments/face masks etc. Before this I was using the Tonique Doceur by Lanc├┤me which was a tiny bit too strong for my skin but was really refreshing and brightens up your skin tone after a few uses. It was a good toner but really pricey for something that was just good, so I went to try an Asian toner as I've found that products for Asian skin are a lot gentler and moisturising.

After cleansing your skin dispense some of the toner onto a new cotton pad and wipe all areas on your face and neck. I found that this did everything I needed it to (cleanses my skin, prepares my skin well for other products, refreshes my face) but it also controls oil on your skin and leaves your skin quite moisturised for a toner. I've come to really love this product and I use it everyday after gym/before I go to bed followed by my daily moisturiser/before I use a face mask. It leaves my skin fresh and ready for my routine of emulsions and essences and it hasn't given me any breakouts but rather reduced them. 
I definitely would buy again and I definitely recommend you try it too!  

Wednesday, 2 April 2014

Etude House Flower Moistfull Cream

Etude House Flower Moistfull cream

There isn't much I could say when I bought this besides that I needed a moisturizer and that my bf was like "What about this one?". So lets get straight into it ♥

The fragrance is very light and refreshing and the moisturizer comes with a spatula so you don't have to put your fingers in it and contaminate everything. I wash mine after every use >.<" It's contained in a glass container so it wasn't exactly light so I wouldn't carry it around but I mainly recommend this for nighttime use before bed anyways, which I'll explain why soon.

It has a translucent thin gel-like consistency and feels great on your face but rather sticky on your hands, so I wash my hands before and after application and then applying my usual handcream. I like to apply about 2 times the amount in the picture here which ends up being quite a lot but you HAVE TO try it because it ends up being a very nice moisturizing face mask for when you're going to sleep, especially after a long day of having make up. Ever since using this my skin doesn't break out as badly because it's nice and moisturized both inside and out~