Tuesday, 25 March 2014

L'Oreal Hair Chalk Garden Party

These have been out for about 1month now so I've been fishing around the internet to find out where to get these in Australia and I haven't seen anything! Most just tell you to go into your salon to get it done in '15 minutes' but seriously, who has time to go visit a salon when it washes out after 2 washes (1 depending on the strength of the products you use)? At least, I have other things to do. My search led me to www.lookfantastic.com which is where my next few hours was spent searching through their amazing range of make up, hair care, skin care and all things girly. There were so many great products you would never find in Australia and they ship free worldwide! I can't recommend this website more, you just need to check it out yourself to see what I mean.
I also wanted to grab the red (Coral Sunset) colour but it was pretty much sold out from any reliable looking pages so if you know where I can get some please leave a message for me in the comment section.

L'Oreal Hair Chalk Garden Party

For each hair chalk you buy, you get 8 sheets of the applicators (that fold in half on the fold line) in an envelope with an instruction booklet. I'm using green, garden party, colour today because I feel a bit daring and everyone thinks green in your hair is just so terrible. Before you start gently shake the bottle 3-4times and tear off one of the applicators.

Select a small strand of hair that you want coloured (work with dry hair!)

Apply about 3-4 drops onto the applicator and pinch it together to distribute the colour onto the applicator.

Now grab the selected strand of hair and slide the colour through your hair about 3-4times, add more colour onto the applicator and repeat it as many times as desired until your hair is evenly coloured, I had to repeat about 3 times fro this strand. Then brush through your hair with a comb and allow to dry for about 20-30seconds. If you don't want to stain your fingers by accident then you can wear gloves and something to protect your clothing (I wasn't afraid though >=]).

Overall Totally in love!
Ta-Da~! Green doesn't look bad at all! After brushing it with a comb it does not stick together nor does it feel/look chalky! I imagine going through the bottles quite quickly but you get fun, bright, temporary colours in an instant without staining any clothes either. I've been told that it looks like I coloured my hair with dye since my hair isn't stiff and it cost about 15GBP per bottle. Definitely worth the buy :3

Monday, 24 March 2014

Look Fantastic Haul!

This is the best package I've unraveled yet, I am super excited and will probably be the only products that I will be talking about in the next few weeks, so be prepared ♥

I came across this because my hairdressers send out e-mails quite often about new products, promotions and events. As I read through apparently L'Oreal had just released a new hair chalk that doesn't stick or stain your clothing with very strong colour too. Unfortunately it was only available in selected salons for application, and not to buy...that means if I want my hair coloured until the next time I shampoo I had to go in and get it done in a salon. Ain't nobody got time for that! When I looked online they were almost completely sold out so I quickly got my hands on the two blu-ish tones thinking they'd blend well from this place called lookfantastic.com and soon realising this website had everything beauty!


I know, people usually take a picture of the box untouched but I was practically screaming when I got home and just ripped it apart without a second thought. Sticky tape? Where? Just tear through everything!
The words "ENJOY..." as if it'd realise I was already enjoying the whole experience before actually seeing the message

I spent a total of about less than or equal to $100AUD which is approx 54GBP from an original 65GDP received free shipping and got great freebies! This was all meant to arrive on the 27th but came on the 24th, earlier than expected, so I was thrilled to see it sitting by my shoes when I got home. Definitely a 5/5 experience~!

This was one of the freebies. It's a ridiculous quantity for samples and one of them is stored inside a glass bottle! I almost feel terrible for not having to pay for this...almost. Total value of 39.35GBP ♥ 

What did I get? 
Tangle Angel Brush - Silver (Limited Edition)
Fudge Hard Stuf - Extreme Hold Fixing Glue (100g)
L'Oreal Professionnel Hairchalk and Applicator - Garden Party
Lord & Berry 20100 Lipstick Pencil - Nudo No ColourNudo
L'Oreal Professionnel Hairchalk and Applicator - Blue Ocean Cruise

Sunday, 23 March 2014

Black Head Removal - Etude House and Kose

I don't get many blackheads very often but I do like use blackhead strips every month to remove those which I do get on my nose. You shouldn't use them too often either, the boxes usually say a maximum of once every 3 days but I'd imagine once every fortnight would be enough if you take good care of your skin and exfoliate often.

Etude House Black Head Remover Dual Sheet

These are completely different from your usual blackhead strips. They don't pull out your blackheads, but instead they have chemicals that forces out the blackheads, whiteheads and any sebum with the first strip and closes your pores with the second strip.

The English instructions aren't very clear and didn't really make sense to me after all my years of using dry strips. What you are meant to do is open your pores by putting a steamed towel over your face or wash with warm water first then use strip 1, which is soaked in liquid, straight onto your nose for 15 minutes before removing. After removing wipe your nose in a downward motion with either a cotton swab or pad to removed the now exposed sebum, whitehead and blackheads. After step 1 is done you can take out step two which is attached to a plastic film. Remove the film and place onto your skin for another 15 minutes to3 close your pores then remove. I've actually tried this a couple of times before taking these photos and they weren't very effective in any of the uses which is why this time I paired it up with a dry blackhead strip.

My nose before doing anything. 

Step 1. Place number one on your nose for 15 minutes after you have opened your pores with warm water. Then remove.

You can see some sebum on the tip of my nose in the top picture which I wiped off in the bottom picture. Besides the sebum, no blackheads were actually removed D:

KOSE softymo Nose Strip

These come in black or white depending on how dark your blackheads are, I just like the white ones because, despite the fact that there aren't actually any differences besides seeing it against a lighter/darker background, to me it just feels cleaner. Just take out the strip from one of the sachets in the box and peel off the film. Apply to wet skin and leave for about 10-15 minutes before peeling off slowly from the bottom up.

I really like how these have incisions/small cuts to fit the contours of your face :3

It did a great job of removing my blackhead! And my nose feels softer too ♥

My pores are open now after removing the blackheads. Now to use step 2 of the Etude House nose strips~

Step 2 is attached to a piece of plastic film that you need to remove before application. Leave on for 15 minutes.

When they packaged it one of the sides was folded (as you can see in the picture above) so it kept lifting up off my face which got really annoying >:|

My pore size didn't minimize at all!
Overall Etude House Blackhead Dual Strips 

I've read that it works for some people but as you see it hasn't really done much for me besides excrete a little bit of sebum. It not being packaged well did not make the experience any better. It didn't even minimize my pores. Ice is a much better option if I ever want to close up my pores ><"
Kose Softymo Nose Strip 
I really liked how this left my nose so soft afterwards and how it fit my nose very well for the whole 15 minute duration. I also found that this works much better and is much stronger than many of the strips that I usually buy in Australia. Must buy more! ♥

Sunday, 16 March 2014

Cosplay - Project K Neko

My First Cosplay - Project K Neko at Waicon 2014

As my first cosplay I was super scared that something might go wrong on the day, I mean there're so many components to it: wig, costume, lenses, eyelashes, skin, accessories, etc. Not to mention I wasn't in the happiest state of mind in terms of my weight since I had just came back from a holiday where I spent most of my time eating! In the end my months of preparation paid off and my costume stayed in one piece and my hair was still attached. The only two problems on the day was forgetting to prepare my bf on how to take pictures at flattering angles and the ridiculously high temperatures for my fluffy dress. I hope you guys like my photos ♥

 Me getting annoyed that my bf decided to take a picture whilst I was eating my fruit D:

Namie-kun, myself and my cute friend Jana-san ♥
Namie-kun does amazing artworks check it out here -> http://namie-kun.deviantart.com/

My two favourite pics:

Selfies :3~

Friday, 14 March 2014

Lipstick Friday - Guerlain Rouge Gigolo

 I've only started using Guerlain lipsticks recently as I've always had the idea that Chanel had the best lipsticks, unfortunately for them I was looking for a raspberry/dark coloured lipstick in which they didn't have. Just so you also know when I pick lipsticks I go through a tedious selection process that generally takes a few trips back and forth. I ended up going through the entire make up section to pick no. 70 Gigolo which was a nice dark berry colour and I loved it because wasn't too glossy but not completely matte.

Dior Universal Contour

Before applying your lipstick line and fill your lips with the selected lip liner and it acts like a primer filling in the lines on your lips to prevent 'bleeding' and provide a waxy base to make your lipstick last longer. This was one of my favourite buys when I was in the airport because I had trouble finding a lip liner for my new lipstick and next thing you know voila Dior had one that can go under them all! I'm a big user of lip liner cause they provide a lasting base for my strong coloured lipsticks so I was glad I now didn't have to buy different colours for different shades of lipstick.

Guerlain Rouge 70 Gigolo

When I first opened it I was completely in love with the casing! It was polished and shiny and a mirror popped up when you slide it out a little so that you can atually reapply it anywhere

I was very happy with the colour which was deep and intense and the lipstick kept my lips moist and plump for a really long time, almost like a lip balm. The only time I really had to reapply was after I ate or after approximately 8 hours where I had to touch-up the corners of my lips. I did end up getting another colour from Guerlian but I'll save that for another Friday ;)

Saturday, 8 March 2014

False Lashes - Koji Dolly Wink

Koji Dolly Wink Pure Girl 15

After trying on the Dolly Wink no. 20 I had to try at least one more of the half lashes since they were so quick and easy to apply. Pure Girl 15 ended up looking the cutest and most natural :3

Like the usual Dolly Wink lashes come with two sets and Dolly Wink glue (which I don't actually use D:) These also had a black strip but because Dolly Wink strips are so thin, you won't need eyeliner if you apply them properly~

I have this eyelash applicator (mainly useful for those full lashes cause they're harder to apply) it's by Wasp which also sell false lashes and can be found in Australian pharmacies. I actually didn't need this for half lashes since they're easy to apply anyways but I thought I'd let people know that these things exist. I really recommend this for beginners cause it really helped me but now I'm good with tweezers too :3

Make sure you wait for the glue to start becoming tacky before applying. Apply with the lashes curved upwards like how you would like them to sit because if you attached them lower they will droop down the whole day no matter what you do. Remember practice makes perfect so practice using them before the actual day you need them to look their best.

I really like how they look so fluttery and soft (and yes this time I wasn't lazy and curled my lashes before and after applying the falsies) ♥

Friday, 7 March 2014

Cute Dotted Nails - Lucky Trendy Dot Artist

I usually dot my nails with just the nail brush until I found the Lucky Trendy Dot Artist Nail Polish set which looked super cute and came with a dotting brush. This meant no more problems with painting dots using my left hand that resulted in uneven nails. This my first time trying this out so forgive me if it wasn't neat ^^"

My nail usually needs extra care since I used to come into lots of contact with water and began to chip and peel easily. I like to use the O.P.I Nail Envy Nail Strengthener. This cam in a pack of three where two had a glossy finish and one with a matte finish, I prefer the matte finish because it makes you nails look healthier and natural whether you have a colour coat or not. I also have a theory that the nail coat on top would stick to a rougher/less smooth surface more than a shiny surface and would therefore last longer. Just apply two layers of this and wait to dry before continuing. 

From memory I had three or four choices of colour sets but I use a lot of pastel and candy colours at home so I decided to get the baby blue pink and white to add to my collection :3
I did my nails blue on one hand and pink on the other to try out both colours!

There are two sides to the dotting stick, one with a small dot and one with a big one for big polka dots, and today I'll be using the big one. (I tried out the pink and decided I want white dots xD)

I only needed to apply one coat of the colour because the polish wasn't very thin. After it dried completely you can dip the dotting stick onto the nail polish brush and dot from there. Make sure you clean the nail polish off the stick often to keep the polka dot sizes consistent.

All done~! It's not very neat up close but practice makes perfect ♥

Tuesday, 4 March 2014

False Eyelashes Eyemazing Amoyamo

Eyemazing Amoyamo No. 813 Rose Chocolate ♥

There're so many lashes in Asia it's hard to find the right one or even decide on one but I really liked the soft and cute look of these and the pretty purple packaging. I have a lot of black lashes but brown lashes are preferable to me for casual wear as they're less dramatic and add that soft sparkle to your eyes which is another reason why I bought these.

Upon careful inspection the band looked nice and thin and clear which meant I could wear it without eyeliner for a pretty but natural everyday look. One packet has 5 pairs of lashes and costs approximately $15AUD which is really cheap.

They definitely add that soft touch, but word of warning to curl your natural lashes BEFORE putting these on. I know you're supposed to anyways but I find that it saves me time curling them together in one go. Unfortunately for me I found out the hard way that these lashes don't take bending so well and bends too much even with very little pressure. Definitely buying more of these though they look good, the band is flexible and they feel great all day ♥

Definitely happy with my buy! Highly recommend trying these if you haven't yet ♥♥♥♥♥